Out of the need for unique Israeli art in the USA, we created the Lavi Arts Company.
Its founders, Haim Kfir & Batia Lavi, decided that there is no need to travel around the globe to reach Israel in search for fascinating Israeli art.

Instead, they aspired to bring the artists to you, in one place, with no hassle involved. They aimed to present the original art signed by the artists in one place. They succeeded in their mission and created this platform for the art lovers.

The world-renowned artists such as Dorit Gur, Rafael Perez, Natalie Grosman, Tali Yatzpan and more will present their art exclusively on our website. Art pieces and painting related to Judaica, Kabbalah, Naïve, and Nature will be presented to the art lovers.

We'll update the website actively with the latest creation from each artist. The live inventory (the art is also sold in Israel by the artists themselves) and any upcoming gala or event will be announced on the site as well.


We are happy to represent the Israeli art revolution in america and we hope you will join us in spreading the love.


Haim Kfir & Batia Lavi