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His special technique looks so cool and his painting lets you think there is a movement there. Each painting is unique and his brush technique can only identify him.

Sergei Ovcharuk (Sulima) is a dreamer and a romantic, with the soul of a sailor and the delicate hands of an artist. Sergei’s paintings offer a fresh view on the classic style, and immerse us in the mysteriously spiritual world of impressionism. The amazing combination of the old master’s painting traditions with expressive colors awakens imagination and leads to deep philosophical thinking.

Ovcharuk was born in 1963, in Lvov, Ukraine. He graduated from the Khmelnitskiy School of Arts in 1980. His youthful romanticism led him to the door of Russia’s oldest maritime school, LVIMU (now State Marine Academy) in St. Petersburg. However, under the influence of this historic city – one of the world centers of the arts and culture – he found himself consumed with a desire to follow a creative path, and took up the study of painting.

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