Dorit Gur paintings in NYC

As a seasoned kabbalah artist from Israel, Dorit Gur, explores more of biblical themes in her works. Born 1969, the exceptional artist has tried and excelled in various kinds of art creation. Most of her works showcase her interest in acrylic painting and calligraphy.

Alongside other stunning, cryptic, and timeless paintings from Dorit Gur, some of her new pieces are among the vast collection of her paintings now available in New York City. Here is your chance to get that exotic art piece that your home and collection room seeks.

2.Twelve tribes in pomegranate

  • This art painting is a unique piece that has a lot to say and remind one of in a simple glance. The perfect circle seated in a flaming and rainbowed layered background gives off a revered appearance. The golden coin houses the 12 tribes perfectly and symbolically. This is the perfect painting to have on your wall to remind you of the beginning. Made as a one of a kind painting, you won’t be getting the same painting as the other collector. Each painting has the same image but different color settings. Making it a truly unique and classic piece to preserve.

2.Birkat Ha’kohanim Metal Gold and Silver Color Hamsa

  • This lovely art comes in bold and exotic colors. Made from Puter the beautiful piece houses a golden-hued palm with a center round piece of silver that houses a priestly blessing engraving. Alongside the good fortune and graces, it brings with it, the Metal Gold and Silver Color Hamsa give its owner a lot of choices on how to preserve and showcase it.

3.72 Names

  • In the 72 names painting, Dorit really put much effort into making the work shine. Looking at the appearance and feel of the acrylic painting, it is clear to see how much thought was put into it to give that etched in history feel. The bright orange, blue, yellow, and purple hues surrounding the silver to gold colored names, gives the perfect message of 72 names etched in the universe — a perfect symbolism of the authority of God throughout all his creations.

4.Genesis Bereshit Spiral Blue & Red

  • This is a magnificent work form Dorit that really shows how masterful she is in her craft. The first weekly Torah reading portion was carefully and artfully represented in a spiral of golden calligraphic letters. Showcasing her calligraphy skills in the excellent acrylic artwork. The painting will surely disclose its owners love for Torah and remind him or her of nativity and history. Like most of her exceptional chef-d’oeuvre, this artwork is a one of a kind. So, your purchase will indeed have the same design but not the exact colors or settings.


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