Taly Yatzpan

Drawing is the only thing I can do in a row. Taly Yatzpan paintings in NYC , when I draw, I am at the height of concentration. I can paint for two days until my eyes close on the canvas. So I have no anger at any crisis... It allowed me to give birth as an artist.

Taly Yatzpan paintings in NYC professionals, curators and gallery owners define my style as naive and claim to have a unique language. They swear that wherever they see my painting they can recognize that it's me.

But I, who have never studied painting, do not understand definitions and do not deal with them. I draw without thinking about what and how. I Draw faces, figures and mazes, always in vivid colors that accompanies me from my past and I paint to breathe, I can not even control it.

Taly Yatzpan paintings in NYC