Irena Rain

Irena Rain was born in Russia and graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of Graphic Arts, with a concentration in classical painting technique. Recently, she developed her own unique style which is visually recognizable and became her trademark.

Traditional oil painting is characterized by applying layers of individual color on top of one another, building outwards from the canvas underneath. Irena was unsatisfied by this method and sought to reinvent it, aspiring her to develop her own process.

Her groundbreaking and instrumental approach consists of the removal of paint, contrary to the supplemental layers of color. As opposed to hiding the white canvas background, Irena reveals it. Irena manipulates and incorporates the canvas background as a highlight to the image itself.

The act of erasing causes transparency between the colors and white fabric. This technique produces compelling masterpieces radiating with delicate sensations and qualities. The subjects and compositions personifies simplicity and purity, recognizable at first glance.

Determining the composition and theme in advance, Irena begins working with assistance from her photography. The image is advanced through intense moments spurred by conceptualizing motion, similar to a story. Ultimately, she triumphs leaving the viewer opportunity to imagine details and grasp the entirety.

Irena also teaches children and adults in a private studio, both classic and her unique style.